Friday, September 7, 2012

On the Road Again

Well my leg is healing up nicely and the stitches are out. HOORAY!  I was so excited to be getting these stitches out.  If you have ever had stitches, you know how they get toward the end of the healing process.  They pull and itch. Plus, I love to wear capri pants and my calf had a Frankenstein effect going on. Ugh! After the stitches came out, the wound looks good but I am definitely going to have a scar. I am going to go to the Chicago Marathon next month telling everyone that I have a battle scar!  You know your a tough runner if you can make it though a marathon while healing from a dog bite.
Been getting on the elliptical and bike this week and am hoping to go for a trial run on Saturday.  Crossing my fingers that all goes well.
Wished I looked this good
I did invest in a compression calf sleeve and I like the feel of it.  I just hope that it helps the bruising on my leg.  It has felt good while I was on the elliptical and bike.  A lot of information out there about the pros and cons of compression gear. 
Well, it feels good and hasn't caused any harm so why not!  How do you feel about compression gear?

 I rode the bike for 10 miles on Thursday evening. I couldn't have asked for better weather.  But the whole time I am riding, I was thinking that the bike was more of a work out then my runs.  Maybe I need to get out and cross train a little more.

On a side note, I spent the Labor day weekend sitting around our campsite with my leg elevated and keeping it iced to reduce the swelling (which I can proudly say is 95% gone).  I was frustrated with the swelling, was fighting some infection, and feeling sorry for myself that I couldn't get out and kayak.  So I read a book, "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Wind" by Wm Kamkwaba.
A story about a young man in Malawai Africa who uses his ingenuity and determination to make life better.
You stop feeling sorry for yourself after you read a book like this. 
Also a reminder that I am running with Team World Vision at the Chicago Marathon to raise money for better water in countries around the world.  To give go to:

Thanks and have a great weekend.  Hope that your run is as good as mine is going to be.  (I optimistically know that it is going to be great)

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