Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hey, look here I have remembered to get on my blog and write.  Well I don't have much else to do except heal.
I have been on track with my training for the Chicago marathon and the mornings here in the midwest have been absolutely beautiful.  So Sunday I get up early and head out the door debating whether I should run out "Roadkill Way" (which is a beautiful run except for the hills and road kill) or should I run my favorite scenic lake route. I choose the lake route. Kiss the husband goodbye, let him know the route and head out the door.
I am running along at my usual pace, feeling good, and loving the sunshine.  Pass a few friends jogging and biking.  I am having a great morning.  Hit the half way point! Change my music, get a drink of water from bottle and think to myself "I am on time and I am gonna make it to church on time!" I am not good at being on time.
Now I have been running this route off and on all summer and just went this way last week with cousin Barb and her husband.  They are city folk and love to get out into the country to run. Never once have I encountered a dog on this route. Until Sunday! A house that is usually quiet, in fact I often wondered if anyone actually lived there, had 4 dogs a boy and and old man on the back porch.
Three of the dogs ran across the yard, across to the far side of the road and proceeded to viciously bark at me. I stopped immediately, firmly told the dogs to get. BAM the first dog bit me. I was shocked. Never had I been bit by a dog runnning before.  This dog never even hesitated! Luckily, after the dog bit me a van came along saw what happened and put themselves between me and the dogs while the boy called the dogs back.
These good Samaritans helped me stop the bleeding and waited with me until help arrived.  So thankful for my iphone because all I had to do was called 911 and it hooked me directly to our county police.
So, I ended up with a total of six stitches and ALOT of bruising. Spend the entire morning in the ER and with the police.  Had to get the rabies series because dog has not had vaccines.  Lots more to the story but I am not going to go into it in case I end up taking the case to a lawyer. 
I really am beginning to feel a victim.  I have never really experience anything like this before.   
So I hope and pray I heal quickly and this doesn't put too much of a delay in my training.  Hope to get to the gym by the end of the week and try a work out on the elliptical. Have a great Holiday weekend!
My plans have totally changed from Kayaking to reading my book.


  1. This is soooo horrible! I'm sorry this happened. I hope they put that dog down AND get a fine!

    Keep me posted on your progress!

  2. That is really not cool at all. I hope you heal quickly. Unleashed dogs are so scary because it's very hard to predict which ones are serious with their attack. Even the friendly ones seem like they are going to bite. Makes me very nervous.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am healing but haven't been able to run. That is so hard but I have been on the elliptical. This was my absolute favorite route. Now I am afraid to run there again. There were 2 other dogs at the same house. PITBULLS! I have pepper spray but had no time to react. I am running chicago marathon in a month. So pray that I can finish my training. I figure, this injury has just made me tougher and now I can say I have a battle scar. Take care.