Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Tuesday

Tuesday thoughts....
  • I was in the Kohls this morning picking up a shirt tie for son (aka College Boy). I could not believe that they had a red Christmas tree on display by the front doors.  Really, come on folks it is not even Halloween yet!  This week Target has been airing Christmas commercials.  So too early for Christmas promotion. 
  • It has been three weeks since Chicago Marathon and I am getting through the post marathon blues. But I have been struggling with muscle spasm and cramping in my left leg.  The weird thing is is that it occurs through out the entire leg and not one general location.  So after some internet searching I have been icing my foot in hopes that it is not platar facitiis (which I have had before and is not picnic), eating more bananas, drinking more water, and eating Tums for the calcium.  So I will let you know if it gets better. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • I have gotten in a few easy runs last week and one fun virtual 5k with  http://www.runwithjess.com/ Virtual runs can fun.  It was all about cupcakes.  Check it out. I had to do my run on the treadmill because we had several day of rain here.  Been a long time since I was on the treadmill.  Will have to get use to it again as the weather get colder.  Now, I don't mind the cold-it's the ice and snow that I don't get along too well with.
  • This years running goals are to work on speed and pace.  Neither of which I am any good at and it effects my 1/2 marathon time.  I really want to see a 2 hour time. So I got to thinking about a garmin watch cause for several years I have run with the Nike + on my phone cause I was only really concerned about logging miles or running for a set amount of time. But Nike + does not give me accurate mile splits.  It give an average which is not helping me work on pace.  So I have been investigating Garmin watches.  I don't want a really expensive one but I do want one that is user friendly and will give me splits.  Anyone have a garmin watch that they like?  Christmas is fast approaching and I have to put a watch on my Santa list (LOL)

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