Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Active Busy Summer

I really need to remember to write on here more ofter.  Can't believe that it has been a month since I updated. Also have to learn to hook up links and pictures.
It has been a busy month.  Camping with daughter, husband and grandkids (ages 10 and 8) Great fun.
Sent "the boy" off to Purdue University to be an engineer. Through it all I only missed on run on my training schedule. It was a short hills day so I think I might survive.
I already feel like I am better trained for this years marathon than last years. I have more miles in and have upped my weights on cross training day. 
This weather has been a runners dream.  I had the pleasure of my cousin and her husband visiting us from Chicago.  They are runners also.  We ran out to one of our favorite lakes where the views are gorgeous.  It was so wonderful to run my favorite route with my favorite runners. We followed that by a 4 hour kayak trip down a near by river.  Kayaking here is more like keeping the boat straight and avoiding tree limbs.  We made several stops to eat, drink and swim.
I grew up in the city but have found that I love living in a rural area where I can run, bike, swim, and kayak.  I feel really blessed.
I am still working on raising my funds for World Vision and their water filter project.  We in the midwest are surrounded by water. (even though it is low this year.) We take clean water for granted.
visit my support site at: support.worldvision.org/goto/RobyneSpillers

How active has your life been this summer?

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