Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Rain

I really thought that I had posted in June but it is nowhere to be found.  I am new to the blog thing.  I read plenty of other folks but I need to stay on top of my own.
We have had a very dry summer.   It is like we live in a bubble or the burmuda triangle.  Everytime rain comes our way it splits off and goes a different direction.  We are really begining to understand what a drought really is.
We here in the Midwest have always had an abundance of water. We have the great lakes on either side of us.  I also live in an area with several large lakes that provide recreation and tourist income for us. 
But now we are beginning to understand how a drought can effect our lives.  The lakes are down at least 8-10 inches.  Friends of mine have their boat stuck on the lift because the water is too low.  The grass is yellow, the trees are loosing leaves, and we have a no burn law in effect. ( No smores here!) We don't get city water at our house, we have a well.  I have had thoughts of how long can we go before our well begins to go low or dry?
I have run 4 Half-Marathons and 1 Marathon.  Those I ran for me, to see if I could accomplish a goal.
This year I signed up with World Vision to run for the water projects that they sponsor.  They provide water filters (large and small) and drill wells in areas around the world that do not have water.  Water is our life line to health and wellness.  Quite a coincidence that I decided to run for water in a summer where my neighborhood is starting to feel the effects of a lack of water.
Join me in supporting World Vision and water projects around the world.


  1. That's a great idea to race for something more meaningful than just the medals! Water is something that we take so for granted. My mother-in-law often talks about how they didn't have running water in her kitchen and bathroom growing up, and I just can't even imagine that. We are so spoiled when it comes to clean water.

    1. We finally got an inch of rain this week. That is the first rain we have had since Fathers day.
      Great book to read is the Hole in the Gospel.
      I have supported two children through World Vision for 10 years, but you really get an idea of how reaching out to others is so much more when you read this book.
      I haven't the time or the flexibility to go off and do missionary work. But I can give what God has blessed me with, finances.