Saturday, November 10, 2012


Time... a measurable concept in our live. 
How do we use our time?  How valuable it out time?  What do we do with the time we are given?
Time flies...
All in due time...
He doesn't know what time is...
Just a minute...
Just a second...
Marking time...
Stitch in time...
Time is running out...
Time is on your hands...

I never feel as if I have time on my hands.  I always seem to find something to do with my time.  Yesterday I actually found time on my day off to sit in the coffee shop and read a novel.  One that I have had on a waiting list for some time.  It has been really really popular and I only have 14 days to finish it. So I am under pressure to get it done. So I have to find the time!

I work as a librarian so I get to see a lot of books.  Working at the library for me is like a kid in the candy shop.  So many books, so little time.

I picked up the book "The First 20 Minutes: Surprising science reveals how we can exercise better, train smarter, live longer" by Gretchen Reynolds. I saw it on display at the library and thought it would give me some great insight into my running.  Great theory.  But it was way to detailed and way to wordy for me to spend the time to read.  When it comes to exercise books/life books/time management.  I want easy to read and concise.  Just the facts.  It took me more than 20 minutes to figure out what the authors main point was.  Don't waste my time. Time to move on.

So another blogger threw this concept out last week...Do you know what you do with your time?
Are you happy with the way you use your time?  Do you sacrifice time away from family and friends to get ahead at work?  Are you happy?
So I started to read the book " 168 Hours: you have more time than you think" by Laura Vanderkam
Now why would I be interested in this book?  I don't know.  I have a great 9-5 job that requires very little of me after hours.  I balance my job and work rather well.  I live 5 minutes from work and 5 minutes from my daughters school.  I exercise 4 days a week.  Keep the house relatively clean ( I like clean but I am not a clean freak) Have a great husband and daughter who help out around the house ( we believe in team work and the concept works for us) Son is off at college so the house and laundry have been a lot less!
I just thought it would be interesting to chart how I spent my day.  So I kept track of what I did each day in 1/2 hour increments.
Well I learned that I sleep about as many hours as I work.
I only spend 5-6 hours a week exercising.  I am not one to watch alot of television but I logged in 11 hours of T.V. time (ouch)
Lacking in my life: social time with friends. (ouch again) Except I do interact with people all through the week so maybe that one was just had to put into a time frame.  I talk to people about books and computers at work, I talk with people at church and bible study, I talk to the husband and daughter.
I haven't finished the book yet but I hope to gain more insight to share.
So have you ever tracked your time and how you use it?
Link to time tracker.

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  1. I am scared to do a pie chart of how I spend my time. Scared! But that probably means I should do it.